Solutions: ORBCOMM Platform

Trailer Tracking Solution

Dry van trailer management for more efficient fleet utilization

Fleet owners today need complete visibility of their trailers to maximize utilization, reduce operational costs and improve delivery predictability.

The ORBCOMM platform features state-of-the-art trailer tracking solution that uses our leading-edge telematics devices to deliver visible fleet status and exception reporting for fleet optimization and improved ROI.

The ORBCOMM platform delivers near-real-time alerts on trailer status, location, history, and arrival/departure, helping significantly improve operational efficiency, fuel and maintenance costs and cargo security.

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5 Reasons to Choose the ORBCOMM Platform as your Trailer Tracking Solution

1. Optimize Fleets and Increase ROI
Two-way monitoring and control provides complete visibility of dry assets for maximum trailer utilization and reduced operational costs.

2. Improve Delivery Predictability
Monitor on-time arrival with real-time, in-route location updates and trip-based logic.

3. Increase Trailer Efficiency
Optimize trailer utilization and reduce dwell time with daily/weekly reports for planning/operations. Improve turn-time by location.

4. Save Fuel and Labor Costs
Reduce out-of-route miles, driver time, fuel costs, and eliminate labor for yard checks.

5. Enhance Cargo Security
Reduce theft and misuse with trailer lockdown and obtain clear measurement of chain of custody.

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“ORBCOMM’s solution will enable us to improve our tractor-to-trailer ratio, streamline operations and better manage our fleet through increased visibility and real-time trailer data where and when we need it.”

Dan Summitt, President, Swing Transport Inc.